Grinder Kirstall 1S Closing Down Special


Grinder Kristall 1S


AU$365.00 Price includes GST and is ex factory (postage is extra).

Manufactured in Germany, A great grinder for the beginning hobbyist, and the perfect grinder to start the new student down the road of success. The hassle-free performance of the Kristal 1s allows students to spend more time learning.

Kristall 1S comes with a one Year warranty, and supported in Australia by Axess Glass Products Aust.


For stained glass, tiffany technique, glass fusing, glass working, glass art. Powered by a 50/in torque premium ball bearing motor the 1S has the power to meet to meet your grinding requirements. The extra power means better grinding and a less strain on the motor giving you more consistent grinding capabilities.


  • 2960rpm
  • 50oz/in torque
  • Long-lasting 19mm plated grinding head.
  • 1/8hp thermally protected premium ball bearing motor
  • 235 x 280mm work surface
  • 19mm diamond grinding bit

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